How to earn rewards                 


There are various ways in which you can quickly and easily earn reward points simply by doing activities you are already doing online. Please always make sure you are logged in as a member and have your cookies enabled so that reward points will be credited to your account.

  • Surveyss - are by far the quickest way of accumulating reward points. Surveys are mainly conducted by market research companies in order to obtain information about their products or service so they can make more informed marketing decisions. Surveys are listed on the Quick Points area and are also sent to your inbox. Many surveys have a limited time frame so be sure to fill them in ASAP to get your points. We will always indicate the number of points you will earn by participating.
  • Competitions – are another great way to accumulate reward points. Many companies use competitions as a way of introducing people to their product or service. Most competitions have a very short time span so again, you need to be very quick as they come and go quite quickly. Competitions can be found under the Quick Points section or are delivered into your inbox. We will always indicate the number of points you will earn by participating.
  • Special Promotions – from time to time we will list special promotions from our partners. These may range from buy one get one free, special discounts or bonus points. Usually these have a limited life span and again, you need to be reasonably quick to make sure you get access to them. We will list all these promotions under the Special Promotions area and also deliver quality ones to your inbox. Again, we will always indicate the number of points you will earn by participating.
  • Shopping – Many people purchase goods online – so why not be rewarded for doing so at the same time. Next to our partner, you will see how many points you will be rewarded for each dollar spent. We have numerous partners you can shop from. It is great when searching for gifts for Birthdays or even Christmas plus you get the bonus of being rewarded at the same time.
  • Refer a Friend – another great way to earn rewards is to refer all your friends to our site. Simply fill in their name and email address and you can be rewarded points. Please note, there is a limit of 20 friends you can refer.
  • Earn points by 24 Hours Login – Simply login to our site and earn 5 points in every 24 hours.

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